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Who is Nfocus?

  • Nfocus is Louisville’s Premiere Society magazine that covers the most
    important charitable events and galas and certain culture important to its
    readers including wine, travel, fashion, and the arts.
  • Nfocus was created by Nashville society insiders 16 years ago and has
    remained the insider voice and has exclusive access to Nashville’s more
    prominent masters and mavens and happenings.
  • Nfocus is the best advertising vehicle to reach a certain discerning
    clientele and sphere of influence.

What is? Who reads?

  • Nfocus distributes 12,000-15,000 publications free to the public in choice
    restaurants, salons and spas, high-end boutiques and grocers.
  • Nfocus is distributed by charitable private foundations and non- profit
    member lists.
  • Nfocus is distributed monthly.
  • Nfocus reaches 80,000 readers (Per Media Audit Jan/Feb 2009)
  • While Louisville Nfocus is new to this market, our sister publication in
    Nashville boast the following readership:
  • Average HHI of $202,000
  • Almost 30% of the Nfocus readers HHI is greater than $300,000 yearly.
  • 74% female readership.
  • Majority of readers are between the ages of 30-64.
  • 86% have at least 1 college degree.
  • 40% have more than 1 college degree. – 95% donate to non profits.
  • 91% consider themselves arts patrons.

We expect Nfocus Louisville to have similar readership.

For more information on advertising with Nfocus Louisville, contact Pam Brooks at (502)-895-9770
extension 217. You can additionally send email to

Download the Nfocus Louisville Media Kit

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